1. iraya:

    Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

    meme- draw one of your fave characters in what you are wearing now. quick warm up before getting down to drawing commissions. and yes the flip flops has bananas on it.

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  3. image

    Because you know he’s got the body to pull this off.

    Pic from here: http://nastyvogue.com


  5. Anonymous said: I can't believe that this blog exists but I'm somehow very glad that it does. Amazing, guys. Amazing.

    Gee, thanks! It’s the support we get from people like you that keeps us going! It started out as an injoke between Mod S and I and we’re so glad that so many people have been able to join in on the fun! Thanks a lot. c:

    -Mod R

    I’m really glad other people enjoy this blog. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that would either go horribly wrong or horribly right. Glad to see it’s gone horribly right. :3 Thank you for your kind words.

    -Mod S

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  6. irisnectar:

    Handmade resin ring by SoulfulStyle on etsy 

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  8. tv color bar jumper by jeremy scott (( transparent ))

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  9. 8and2:

    The Tweed Run 2014 (4/8)

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